Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When is it Okay?

All our lives we were told that lying is wrong. In church, home, school, with our friends . . . But we still all do it. Why? We were programmed at a super young age that we have to lie to get what we want, or to avoid getting in trouble. You say you're going to friend's house to finish a school project when you're really going to a rock concert that you think your parents won't approve.

You tell your significant other you're going to bed early when you're really out with someone else. Rather than break up with them, or save them this misery, you just keep it going, but lie. If they don't know it won't hurt them right?

What about when someone dies, or you are a week out of a three year relationship? You say you're okay, but you know you're not. You can't possibly be okay when such a huge change has come into your life when you didn't give permission ever . . . how is any of this fair?

When you have children, you're going to lie to them, and say that Santa is real, or the tooth fairy, and what does that teach our children when they finally figure it out?

When is it okay to lie?


  1. Seems that you're separating between socially acceptable lying and socially unacceptable lying. But to actually give a direct answer.....well there is none, should you look at this problem on a one dimension continuum. You can say on one side, "lying is wrong all the time," or on the other be a compulsive liar. And as you travel along from side to side the answer blurs. Probably not very helpful lol

  2. It's okay to lie whenever you can get away with it

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