Thursday, March 26, 2009


I thought it only fair to finally write something that's actually about college. So here ya go: transferring. Every student thinks about it, as well as most students look up other colleges. That doesn't mean that you have to transfer, or that you're definitely transferring.

It's just common, at least where I go to school at the great KC, for people to want to transfer. I do live in New York, so maybe it's just the cold? Who knows.

Here are some legit reasons to transfer:
  • You're not happy. It happens, what you CAN do when you're not happy though, is get involved in your campus community. I hear that helps. Correction: I know that helps.
  • You want to be closer / further away from home. This I can also understand. Sometimes you realize that going to school across the country is a bad idea. Such is life, it's not a big deal.
  • You can't afford it anymore. I'm actually going through this myself. My college is ridiculously expensive, but as I see it, I'm going to have to take out loans anyway. My parents basically hate me for that decision but whatever.
  • You need a bigger school. Or smaller. It's all in what you like, and it's good that you realize it.
  • You wanted a four year school. If you went to a tech school you had to have known that after two years you would need to either transfer or get a job. I personally would rather transfer, and stay in college as long as possible.
One thing that I've learned from friends and roommates transferring is that it's a lot a lot of work. Make sure that if you plan to transfer that you'll be happy, that you can afford it, and that it's perfect. Sometimes you make mistakes though, maybe you need to leave because of the people. Either way, make sure you go on a tour at the college of potential choice, as well as talk to the students, even sit in on a class.

What are your reasons for transferring?

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